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Pillar by Patsy

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Benbaun (Binn Bh?n)

County: Galway Nearest Town: Letterfrack OS Map No. 37
Original Data: L 785 539     Height: 729
Number of Reports = 3

2022-08-23 Biffin reported: L 785 539 | Elev:0 | FB:NA | Pillar:Damaged | View:Excellent
Severely stunted pillar, but still there. Excellent views.

2007-11-18 Patsy reported: L 786 539 | Elev:729 | FB:None | Pillar:Damaged | View:Excellent
TP is in very poor condition. Only about half the pillar remains. One would wonder if it was ever in good condition, as the remaining concrete is very broken and porous. The views are excellent though, this being the highest point in Galway. All of the Twelve Bens and the Maamturks are visible.

2004-06-05 Saginanivalis reported: L 785 539 | Elev:0 | FB: | Pillar:Damaged | View:Good
No FB, top 1/3 broken off, no remains of top found.