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Hiding by JC

Nearly There by JC

Flush Bracket by JC

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Berk Hill

County: Antrim Nearest Town: Ballymena OS Map No. 9
Original Data: D 1074 0767     Height: 154m
Number of Reports = 1

2006-11-23 JC reported: D 10751 07676 | Elev:162 | FB:OSNI 3020 | Pillar:Good | View:Mostly Obscured
It is right in the middle of the picture - Promise! The OSNI map sheet 9 shows a path going past this TP and I would have gone straight past as well had I not been looking for it. Difficult to see and prickly to get to, it is never-the-less in good condition. View obscured through about 270? and what is left is not worth a picture.
Hiding Nearly There Flush Bracket