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Site Created Nov 2006

Number of TPs = 888
Number of reports = 308
Number of images = 317
Number of members = 167

New Home!

13th January 2010

The site is now running at a new home alongside nearby.org.uk. Please be patient if there a few things broken, we are currently testing all features to make sure they work.

We don't intend to change anything - so the site will still look and work the same as it has always done - just with a new admin.

All site functions, including registration of new users, should be now functional.

Barry & JC


11th January 2010

Due to changing personal circumstances, I am not able to maintain this site any longer.

As of 11 January 2010 I have suspended the registration of new users. I will leave the site otherwise intact.


This is a community site, where registered users contribute to the content by publishing articles, uploading pictures, logging TP visits and condition reports and sending feedback on how they feel the site should be developed.
Visitors may enter the 'User Area' but functionallity is restricted.

Map of Irish Trig Points

Last Update 9 Sep 2009

Yellow = No reports.
Green = Good condition.
Blue = There is a problem, see reports for more information.
Red= Missing.

To read the reports, go to the 'User Area' (even if you are just a visitor). use 'Reports' then click on the YES link in the Reports column.
A more detailed map using the latest data can be viewed here.

Registered User Benefits

  1. Add your own reports to the database.
  2. Upload pictures to enhance your reports.
  3. Influence how the site develops.


A GPS Exchange File (.gpx) containing all the TPs as waypoints.
Right Click here then select 'Save Target/Link As...'
IE may want to save it as an xml file simply rename it to something.gpx

Site created by James Carroll

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Recent Reports

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Forth Mountain | 2024-05-25 | S 98084 192| Elev:0 | FB:OSBM0013 | Pillar:Slightly Damaged | View:Good | Saginanivalis
GPS 52.31614, -6.56242, S 98083 19200, Co Wexford. OSGB style Hotine pillar, FB OS BM 0013, spider with cap missing, chunk of concrete missing. From ESE, parked 0.5km NE. Trig on outcrop. Mast etc but view generally good

Crohaun | 2024-05-25 | S 27503 00592| Elev:0 | FB:NA | Pillar:Good | View:Good | Saginanivalis
GPS 52.15699, -7.59886, S 27503 00592, Co Waterford , pillar, minor damage, thick gloss white paint but appears to have standard OSI top fitting with centre plug intact

Slievegreen | 2024-05-25 | X 17415 87007| Elev:0 | FB:NA | Pillar:Good | View:Partly Obscured | Saginanivalis
GPS 52.03531, -7.74695, X 17415 87007, Co Waterford, standard OSI pillar, centre plug intact, listed as a primary but not the OSGB style pillar usually used for OS Ireland primaries. From NW, parking at gate, unpaved road to summit, pass between comms towers to reach chambered cairn at HP with trig on top. Slievegrien on Irish Primaries diagram, Slievegrien on Irish Primaries diagram, Slievegreen on TPI, hill name Carronadavderg / Carn an Daimh Dheirg

Carrigaderragh | 2024-05-25 | S 67811 04328| Elev:0 | FB: | Pillar:Good | View:Excellent | Saginanivalis
GPS 52.18708, -7.00923, S 67811 04328, Co Waterford. OSI primary trig pillar ie no FB; spider with cap missing (forgot to take photo of top). On pronounced summit just inside pasture near gate which states No hunting feathers or fur. I walked in on lane (could probably drive) from ESE, parking a little way down main highway at 52.18280, -7.00464

Carrigroe | 2024-05-25 | T 09295 49764| Elev:0 | FB:NA | Pillar:Slightly Damaged | View:Completely Obscured | Saginanivalis
GPS 52.58858, -6.38808, T 09295 49764, Co Wexford, OSGB style primary without FB; spider with centre cap missing and concrete eroded. From NNE, parking at locked gate. Forest road and trails, a few shortcuts on ascent. Trig pillar at highpoint, in forest.

Slieveboy | 2024-05-25 | T 02271 57150| Elev:0 | FB:NA | Pillar:Toppled | View:Mostly Obscured | Saginanivalis
GPS 52.65629, -6.48940, T 02271 57150, Co Wexford, OSI trig pillar with centre plug missing, toppled, next to hole so it may be close to original location - would be good to obtain original coordinates. From WNW, good parking, initially paved road (barrier open today) then good unpaved road. Bike path a useful shortcut near summit, provided no bikes descending! Trig at highpoint