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Caherbarnagh by Saginanivalis

Caherbarnagh_ by Saginanivalis

Caherbarnagh spider by Saginanivalis

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County: Cork Nearest Town: Millstreet OS Map No. 79
Original Data: W 19173 87156     Height: 681.5
Number of Reports = 1

2005-04-25 Saginanivalis reported: W 191 871 | Elev:0 | FB:None | Pillar:Good | View:
spider, metal cap, raised wide letters, built without FB, used as straining post for fence. Grassy summit, fine steep slopes to S. From road-end to SSW, keep to ridge to minimise tussocks.
Caherbarnagh Caherbarnagh_ Caherbarnagh spider Caherbarnagh cap