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Black Mountain North by griefmiester

Chums by JC

Belfast by JC

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Black Mountain North

County: Antrim Nearest Town: Belfast OS Map No. 15
Original Data: J 2936 7485     Height: 390m
Number of Reports = 3

201-406-14 griefmiester reported: J 2936 7485 | Elev:0 | FB:3057 | Pillar:Slightly Damaged | View:Excellent
I parked at the National Trust carpark, then along various clearly marked trails. First to Black Mountain South, which is a slight diversion off the path and over a new barbed wire fence. then over to Black Mountain North, then over to Divis. some amazing views from here, weather was the best i have ever seen in Belfast! Pillar seen some action with missing FB and damage around the spider.

2009-04-12 Ross reported: J 2936 7485 | Elev:390 | FB:OSNIBM 3057 | Pillar:Slightly Damaged | View:Excellent
Trig slightly damaged. FB destroyed sadly - was OSNIBM 3057. Spider has some damge. Views east and north are excellent on a clear day. See also http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1254098

2006-09-17 JC reported: J 29389 74879 | Elev:390 | FB:N/A | Pillar:Slightly Damaged | View:Excellent
This was my first TP. I came accross it one one of my first hill walks.
Chums Belfast Looking NW