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Pillar by JC

Spider by JC

Pillar II by JC

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Black Hill

County: Antrim Nearest Town: Glenarm OS Map No. 9
Original Data: D 3292 1074     Height: 381m
Number of Reports = 1

2007-01-16 JC reported: D 32930 10743 | Elev:381 | FB:OSNI3049 | Pillar:Damaged | View:Good
Parked at D 31447 10894 in the gates of a Hurling Club. Finding an open gate, I started up the hill following the fence line. I passed through a second open gate where I spotted the farmer at some distance, herding sheep. I gave a quick wave and carried on. The dry stone wall / barbed wire fence intersected another similar boundary. I did not think I could safely scale this so I detoured north along it till I found another junction that I was able to climb over. From here it was a straight climb to the summit. The TP is in poor condition having deep cracks in the rendering on three sides with some pieces missing. A large chunk has gone from the top edge exposing the spider. The view is still great with nice scenery.
Pillar Spider Pillar II Flush Bracket