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Sawel - FB by dino

Sawel - Trig by dino

Pillar by Bridgeman

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County: Tyrone Nearest Town: Cranagh OS Map No. 13
Original Data: H 61793 97299     Height: 681.1
Number of Reports = 3

2007-10-29 dino reported: H 61793 97299 | Elev:0 | FB:NI BM 2080 | Pillar:Good | View:Excellent
I think I followed the same route as Bridgeman which makes for a great walk. Be careful coming off Dart though as there are some access issues in the area.
Sawel - FB Sawel - Trig

2007-07-19 Bridgeman reported: H 617 973 | Elev:678 | FB:OSNI2080 | Pillar:Good | View:Partly Obscured
Started out front lay by H638943, East along road then track up to H639974 which for the mostpart is very good. The river crossing at H647959 may prove a problem if in spate. The fence was then followed up to the summit of Sawel Mountain which lies just to the north and out of sight of the fence. The return was made via Dart Mountain to the SW then following the fence down the broad ridge to join a track reaching the road immediately east of Garvagh Bridge then back along the road. Walking was wet under foot but not too bad and even the col between Sawel Mountain and Dart mountain disdnt present any problems.

2005-05-07 Saginanivalis reported: H 618 972 | Elev:0 | FB:OSNI2080 | Pillar:Good | View:Good
OSNIBM 2080, spider, metal cap shallow letters, rough concrete, the "NI" below the datum. Irish Primary. rock & grass summit, fine views
Pillar Pillar II Spider Flush Bracket